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Collective Somnium is the dream child of initial collaborators Emily Farnsworth and Enrique Blanc, who met, all irony in effect, through a game devised by Emily to encourage connection.


Somnium offers a range of stations, installations and games focused on facilitating connection with others as well as with yourself in new and unique ways. 


Luminous Merchandise & General Store

Come on down to check some flashy, high-tech accessories to complete your raver outfit, rent a battery pack to keep your devices charged or procure some exotic but basic toiletries and utility camping supplies. At Raver Gear via Collective Somnium we admire creativity and uniqueness! Bring your art to see if it can be traded for shop credits!


Glowing Interactive Mural

This mural made of glowing geometric origami pieces is made for you and your friends (The ones you came with and the ones you have yet to meet) to arrange and rearrange to your desire. It is made with the same technique as the origami lanterns that furnish the tent, giving you a chance to make and find your own patterns in light and in life. 



This project was initially based on psychologist Arthur Aron’s study The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness. It is colloquially known as the 36 questions to fall in love. My belief is that’s what people experience when they participate in the exercise with the questions as the study prescribes, what they are experiencing is not love but an alien sense of intimacy. A sense of intimacy that should not be alien. Displayed in two glowing crystal bowls, the questions are offered to you on card, ready for you to ask someone else or yourself.


Divination Station

What is your question, seeker?


Symbolism, intuitive visual language that communicates with corners of your intellect yet unexplored. Oracle, tarot and Lenormand cards help you clarify what you (or something or someone) already know but have yet to understand.


You are invited to explore your inner and outer worlds with one of our diviners as your guide. We use oracle, tarot and lenmorand cards as well as crystal and metal divination pendulums to inquire on your behalf and walk with you through the reeds.



Why are we fascinated with typewriters? You cannot deny their allure. In a world of impermanence, autocorrect and easy fixes there is something captivating about a device with no backspace. If you make a mistake you must start over or, even better, learn to live with it and weave the typo into you concept. Mistakes are not just tolerable; they are often the key to the inspiration you were seeking all along.


Giant Jenga

Two sets of giant Jenga, covered with the contributions of a decade of past players. Draw a block and inspect it for the question or command of your choice. Before you place the block, write a question or command of your own for future players. Leave your mark and become a permanent part of the game.



In Somnium, garlands of gleaming origami butterflies swarm above your head, created in memorial for a loved one lost.

Butterflies, beautiful, impossibly delicate, seemingly too delicate to survive and yet these ethereal creatures, the result of a miraculous transformation, live in our world.


Do you have a hope? A dream? A regret? A wish? A message? Something to let go?


Somnium will fold you a butterfly or you can select one from our collection to place in the chapel. You can request that we write your message on the inside of the paper before we fold, write your own words on the folded wings or your thoughts can stay a secret between you and the butterfly 



Inspired by and dedicated to Rory Sinclair, the comforting voice in the dark that lured me back to life.


Origami Lanterns

Tiny pieces make a whole. Just because you’re geometric doesn’t mean you can’t be intuitive as well as pattern based. Built to light the way, delight and serve as an example of what can be done with the hanging interactive murals, the lanterns are colourful collages or shapes and colours built on pattern and instinct. A reminder that perfect is the enemy of ecstatic and fantastic. 


Inspired by my friend, Clayton Giles, who walks with me through the darkness towards the light.

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